• Great Air Rifle Tips for Hunting

    A lot of people who go hunting as a past time use air rifles because of its quiet sound that makes it perfect for small game hunting. Here are some helpful tips in improving your skills using an air gun.


    Choose the right rifle


    The right rifle for hunting would depend on the animal you are hunting for. Cottontail rabbits and squirrels are usually the smallest animals in small game hunting and a smaller caliber would suffice to get a solid hit. However, larger creatures like raccoons, woodchucks and opossums might need a higher caliber air rifle.


    Power and accuracy are the keywords when it comes to choosing the right rifle for hunting. It is also important that the design of the gun fits you perfectly and would be comfortable for you to aim more accurately. In addition, there are different types of pellets that you can use depending on the rifle and the purpose. You can test each type and see which one works best for you.


    Master your aiming


    Aiming is the first thing that you would need to be proficient in with regards to small game hunting. At close range, you would need to take down your target with your first shot. Your chances of getting another decent shot will have to wait again since you need to reload, track and aim all over again.


    Aiming for the head is crucial as you want to make sure that you get your target hard. An air rifle or any air gun shot would not make a significant damage when it hits other parts of the body besides the head. You can easily practice your aim in your backyard or at an open field using paper targets or cans with the bullseye as small as a coin.


    Be inconspicuous


    There are camouflage clothes that are used for hunting that would be perfect to conceal you from the game. Do not stand in the open as it would rarely allow you to get the first shot. Also, practice moving quickly and quietly. Sneaking is an important skill in hunting in close range. The smallest noise you would make might alert and scare off the animals. When that happens, you would need to wait another several hours to take a good shot.


    Be aware of the laws


    There are different hunting laws depending on where you are doing the hunting. You can get some information about the policies from local clubs or organizations in your area. If you are hunting in other places, you might want to do some research about the hunting laws in those states or countries first. Know the right seasons for hunting and the best places for it. Using air guns for small game hunting is not illegal in most places. But, depending on the caliber and the type of ammo used, it may not be permitted in some areas.


    You can learn more here about the best air rifle for small game hunting and more tips in choosing the right gears for your hunting needs.


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